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Episode 3: Beta Readers, Author Blogging and KDP Select

podcastThe rundown: [0:21] Excitement over new intro [2:34] Personal Updates [6:40] Duolit updates [9:55] How to find beta readers [19:20] What should fiction authors blog about? [27:30] KDP Select: Worth it? [42:10] Shannon’s new favorite show and how it helps her writing.

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Show Notes

Note: Big thanks to Lee Stephen for our awesome podcast intro/outro :-)

[9:55] Kate: I am wondering if you have any advice on how to find beta readers. I am publishing a memoir novella under a pen name and thus cannot ask my family and most of my friends to read it. I posted a request on my writers forum (WANA tribe) and on Twitter, but I don’t have enough followers yet.

[19:20] Ophelia: I read a lot of blogs that talk about content marketing and adding value to your blog readers. It seems easy enough for a nonfiction writer, but how does a fiction writer do this?

[27:30] Lynda: Is KDP Worth It?

  • Great podcast! Thanks very much for the shout out — glad you enjoyed my KDP pieces.


    • You’re very welcome, Ryan. They’re a wonderful resource!

  • Sade

    I’d love to be able to subscribe to just the podcasts guys!

    • Thanks, Sade! I totally forgot to add the links to this post. Whoops! :-)

  • Thanks for checking in, Kate! I hope it helps you find a great beta reader/critique partner :-)