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IndiesForward: Blog Your Hearts Out!

square-indies-forwardThe big day has arrived!

Today (January 31st) bloggers from all around over the world will be talking about our indie-in-spirit Julie Forward DeMay and her book, Cell War Notebooks. [Click here to learn more about Julie and the IndiesForward campaign]

cellwarWe’re so unbelievably thankful to each and every one of you for taking time out of your lives to help us with this cause (Everyone on our mailing list is going to get a special “Thank You” gift from Team Duolit – join the list if you haven’t already!).

All day we’ll be posting excerpts and links to the posts each of you has shared with the world about your inspirational circumstances and the kind words you have for Julie and her family.

If you’ve written a post for the blog-a-thon, leave the link in the comments so we can take a look and please be sure to get the word out on social media (Twitter peeps, remember to use #indiesforward or #cellwarnotebooks).

Before we get into the excerpts, here are the important links of the day:

You can also enter to win a paperback copy of Cell War Notebooks on I Am a Reader, Not a Writer [Ends 2/3/13]

From Shannon’s blog:

As I read the Cell War Notebooks, it struck me that Julie, maybe more than any of us, was familiar with the idea of daily life decisions. She had to get up every morning and decide to live – which in turn meant deciding to fight, to push, to hurt, to cry, and most of all to be unbelievably, undeniably courageous.

In the end, her decision to be brave never wavered, it just changed in definition.

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From the Hinsdale Times (Jennifer Baird-Dean):

Cancer has deprived the world of another amazing spirit. It has deprived another daughter of a loving mom. But it cannot take her gifts. Julie leaves behind a legacy in her words, in her photographs, in the loving circle of family, friends and those of us that are just plain inspired by her. We promise to use your gifts, Julie. We will share your legacy and it will continue to uplift those still here fighting cancer. Your spirit dances on.

Read more from Memoir chronicles another life lost to cancer


From Turndog Millionaire (Matthew Turner):

Then you look at yourself in the mirror, and after you’ve finished calling yourself an idiot, you smile, and laugh, and think about how lucky you are. You consider people like Julie. You realise what’s important. You laugh at how silly you are and what you need to do… right now… right here at this very moment.

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From Shannon’s guest post on Catherine, Caffeinated:

But the new resources at our fingertips also give us the opportunity to go beyond just selling books. We are now in charge of our own legacy. We can make ourselves into the authors we grew up admiring — the authors who inspired us to fall in love with reading and start writing our own tales.

Truly, we’re so lucky.

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  • http://ryancaseybooks.com/ Ryan Casey

    I’ve just submitted my own post on an obstacle that I overcame, and how Julie inspired me: http://ryancaseybooks.com/indies-forward/


    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Thanks Ryan! Great post :-) I get that kind of anxiety too sometimes, and it’s one of those things that compounds over time — especially when you keep telling yourself “This is ridiculous, come on” but it’s not a faucet you can shut off at will. Hope you’re doing better!

  • Ashley Farley

    Am humbled by Julie’s story and can’t wait to read the Cell War Notebooks. Check out my post at http://ashleyfarley.net

    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Thank you Ashley! Beautiful post. So sorry to hear about your brother. You are so right — we must make the best of whatever time we are given!

  • Tanya Savko

    Cancer has touched my life as well, and I’m so looking forward to reading Julie’s memoir. Here’s my contribution: http://tanyasavko.com/2013/01/31/the-cell-war-notebooks/
    Best wishes,

    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Thank you for sharing Tanya!

  • http://twitter.com/dianabletter Diana Bletter

    I’m honored to be part of the chain. One of my blog readers already bought the book! As I wrote, Julie’s story is a reminder that we each have to be heroes of our own lives–from the first to the last chapter.
    Diana Bletter, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle

    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Thank you Diana! That’s so beautifully put — our personal stories are definitely filled with special heroes. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alesia.jenkins Alesia Jenkins

    Thanks you guys for doing this for Julie..I have had folks on my facebook and blog all ready purchasing her book…so cool…I blogged about this book and called it Self Publisher’s Unite in honor of you guys! I am a 50 year old not so techy person, but I did get the blog post up!

    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Thank you Alesia!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alesia.jenkins Alesia Jenkins

    I too am honored to be apart of the chain..Some of my readers have emailed me all ready and have bought the book! thx alesia

  • http://twitter.com/Woelf20 Woelf Dietrich

    I reblogged it on 18 January, tweeted it and put it on Facebook. My heart goes out to Julie’s family and especially her daughter. The link is here: http://wo3lf.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/mortality-what-if-you-couldnt-promote-your-own-book/

    • http://www.selfpublishingteam.com/ Shannon @ Duolit

      Awesome! Thank you Woelf! :-)

  • Renata F. Barcelos

    I’m so proud of the Indie Community today! So many beautiful posts. I bet Julie is pretty happy today, wherever she is. It’s amazing to be part of this, thanks, girls!


  • http://wordisync.blogspot.com/ Shah Wharton
  • http://twitter.com/FreeWorvanz Preeti Sharma

    Got my post up on 1/31 about overcoming obstacles. Check it out at http://www.FreeWorvanz.com. Also got several retweets of the post!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roseklix Rose Klix

    Choosing to live – what a huge decision. I remember when I made that choice in 2010. Now, I’m fully alive and trying my best to live fully every day. Best Wishes to everyone who struggles to live; blessings and gratitude for those who help us here and in the spirit world.

  • Karen Goltz

    I posted on my blog (http://karen-lifetheuniverseandeverything.blogspot.com/2013/01/indies-forward-cell-war-notebooks-blog.html) on 1/31, with a comment that I would post a review on the site of my independent publishing house Quiet Publications as soon as I read the book. That review is now up, too. http://www.quietpublications.com/?p=1348 I’ll be getting the word out through Facebook and Twitter tomorrow (2/20).