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Writing and Self-Publishing Links of the Week: May 5th

By:Merry~BluesBelow is this week’s collection of interesting, inspiring, useful and/or amusing links, collected via our @duolit Twitter account. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!



Marketing and Promotion

Fun & Games

Have any more helpful links to share? Find one of the above particularly useful? Let us know in the comments!

  • Hey Toni,

    Nice collection of links, thanks for that. Makes my job a bit easier.

    The post that had the most action on my blog this week was “26 Ways to Win at Self-Publishing” and with contributions from readers, I think we’re now up to about 36 “ways.” Here’s the url:


    • Toni

      Hi Joel — I read that earlier this week and totally spaced on adding it to the list. It’s a wonderful article, however, that everyone should definitely read! I’ll go back and add it in right away. Thanks for the comment!