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Deb Scott [Self-Publishing Interview Series]

This post is third in our series of interviews with those involved with self-publishing. If you’re interested in being interviewed for the series, give us a shout!

In our interview series so far, we’ve talked to Simon Cheshire, a published writer who is now self-publishing his backlist, and Stephen Tiano, a book designer who has been involved in the publishing industry for years.

This week, we speak with Deb Scott, an author who has lived through the self-publishing process from start to finish. In her non-writing life, she’s a  lifestyle and motivation coach with twenty years of experience in sales and business. Her first book, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue is all about turning your upside-down world right-side up, and we were thrilled to share her happiness, inspiration and enthusiasm with our readers.

So, without further ado, on to the interview!
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Stephen Tiano [Self-Publishing Interview Series]

When we originally posted our call for self-published authors for our series, we never thought we’d hear from someone like Stephen Tiano. Stephen isn’t a self-published author, but an experienced book designer who has vast experience in the industry and truly loves his craft. While we didn’t necessarily set out looking to interview a book designer, I’m sure glad we did! Stephen’s enthusiasm for the interview concept and passion for book design and layout artistry truly are an inspiration, and his views are a great read for everyone involved in the self-publishing process. Now, on to the interview:Continue Reading

Simon Cheshire [Self-Publishing Interview Series]

Welcome to the first interview in our series of talks with self-published authors and those involved in the self-publishing process. We hope that sharing the opinions and perspectives of others will benefit us all, not only by better understanding the self-publishing process itself, but also by becoming better acquainted with folks going through the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us.

Today we’re talking with Simon Cheshire, the bestselling children’s author of the Saxby Smart series, who has just self-published one of his backlist titles, Jeremy Brown: Spy. Simon’s unique perspective, having traversed both the traditional publishing and self-publishing worldsmade him a great fit for the series, and we’re so pleased to have him lead things off.  Now, without further ado, on to the interview!Continue Reading