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Episode 3: Beta Readers, Author Blogging and KDP Select

podcastThe rundown: [0:21] Excitement over new intro [2:34] Personal Updates [6:40] Duolit updates [9:55] How to find beta readers [19:20] What should fiction authors blog about? [27:30] KDP Select: Worth it? [42:10] Shannon’s new favorite show and how it helps her writing.

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Episode 2: Service Providers, Image-heavy books, eBook formatting

podcastThe rundown: [0:00] Personal updates; [1:35] Duolit updates; [6:10] Recommendations for service providers who work with first-time authors; [14:52] How to publish image-heavy books (photo books, cookbooks, etc); [21:38] eBook formatting process & time involved; [39:10] Justified and TV-watching update

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Episode 1: Blog Tours, Mailing List Setup, Reviews

Oh yes, the podcast is back! After a two-year break, Shannon and I have revived our weekly chat, albeit with a more casual tone and focus. We’ll dish the dirt on self-publishing and book marketing, plus answer your questions. It’s just like you were at the office, so please excuse any hiccups and chillax with us!

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Season 2, Episode 1: Mid-Year Goal Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Yes, we know it has been awhile, but we’re back with season 2 of the podcast! Please bear with us — we may sound a little rusty, but we’ll get there (and maybe if we have enough Indie Ninjas we’ll get a new microphone)!

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Podcast: 8 Things You Should Know About Self-Publishing and Save 50% on our Services

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What does the release of the new version of WordPress mean for self-published authors? How does Duolit fit into the self-publishing process?

Plus: save 50% on our services, 8 things you should know about self-publishing and more — all this week on the Duolit podcast.


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