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25 Tweet Ideas To Help Authors Fight Follower Fatigue


I’ve developed a dangerous addiction. There’s a local ice cream place that has stolen my heart. It’s called Cold Cow, and those magical folks give you a RIDICULOUS amount of the creamy, delicious treat for startlingly low prices. For just $4, I get a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream piled high with cookie dough […]

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Want better blog tour results? Go DIY!

plan your own blog tour

Imagine you’re renovating your kitchen. You have two options — you can hire someone to come in and do it, or you can pick up a sledge hammer and do it yourself. There are pros and cons to both options, right? Leave it to the Pros — Pro: If you hire someone, you save yourself […]

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No Excuses: Start Building Your Mailing List Now!


I’m about to make a bold statement, because I don’t believe in pulling any punches: Mailing lists are more effective than Twitter for building your fanbase. *cue startled gasp* I’ll even take it a step further: mailing lists are also more effective than Facebook, GoodReads, Pinterest or any other social media site for building your crazy-dedicated […]

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1.11 Billion Reasons to Get a Facebook Facelift

udemy title page

Yesterday, we made a pretty big announcement — the first three Weekend Workshops are HERE. Grab your favorite pencil case and snazzy Trapper Keeper, it’s time to go back to school! Don’t worry — you can stay in your PJ’s, skip the bus, and get your learnin’ on without ever leaving your desk chair. Plus, […]

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Duolit quits the game. For real.


Today is a HUGE day. Like, the kind of huge day that necessitates ticker tape parades, marching bands, and fireworks. Why? Because the first three courses in our Weekend Workshop series (Facebook Facelift, Mailing List Magic, and Plan Your Own Blog Tour)  are officially live on Udemy! Toni and I are SO excited to share […]

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