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Indies Forward: Cell War Notebooks
Blog-a-Thon (January 31st)

What if you couldn’t promote your book?

Sometimes we get aggravated with the burden of book marketing, but the truth we’re lucky just to have the amazing opportunity to share our work with fans and friends around the world.

Not everyone gets that chance.

Our indie-ninja-in-spirit Julie Forward DeMay dreamed of being a published author, and in 2011 her first book was released — two years after Julie (a daughter, sister, wife, and mother) lost her battle with cancer.

julieCell War Notebooks is a compilation of the blog Julie kept during her last seven months — it’s beautiful, funny, brave and truly inspirational for anyone, whether you’ve been through cancer or not.

Julie is one of our own.

Her story touched our hearts, so Toni and I really wanted to do something to help.

That’s why we came up with IndiesForward.

On January 31st, we’re asking all the bloggers we know (authors and otherwise) to show support for Julie by dedicating a blog post to her.

cellwarYou can write about anything — an obstacle you overcame, how cancer has touched your life, or something that gives you inspiration to push forward every day.

At the beginning or end of your post, we just ask that you share a little about Julie and Cell War Notebooks, along with links to her paperback on Amazon and/or her Facebook page (download our IndiesForward Prep Kit for a pre-made blurb, graphics & more!).

You might also mention that all the proceeds from the book’s sale go to Julie’s nine year-old daughter, Luka.

Social Media Share-a-thon

Then, take a few moments to jump on your social media outlet of choice and share your post. We’d also love it if you could share other posts taking part in the big event (on Twitter, please use the hashtags #indiesforward or #cellwarnotebooks).

That’s it!

If we all participate, we’ll spread the word for Julie around the world.

Her legacy is in our hands, let’s do something powerful with it.