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About Us

The Duolit gang: Shannon (the author), Toni (the geek) and Toni’s daughter Olivia (the intern!)

Here at Duolit, we are enthusiastic about many things including (but not limited to) Mountain Dew, good music, weekends, (parenthetical asides), exclamation marks, and (most importantly) self-published authors.

Duolit was born in 2010 when I [Shannon] decided to self-publish my first novel. Right away, I knew I was in over my head, so I did what I’ve done for help every day since second grade — I picked up the phone and called my best friend [Toni]. Together we elbowed our way through the process and self-published my first novel (we actually self-published it twice, but that’s a story for another day).

We’ve embarked on many business-y endeavors in our twenty-year friendship, but Duolit is the first one that truly made sense. There was a need (authors like you, searching for guidance and encouragement to turn your dreams into reality via self-publishing) and it just so happened that our experience and education gave us the tools to help fill that need.

Thus, Duolit began.

How can Duolit help you?

Two heads are better than one, and both Toni and I bring unique personalities, experiences and skills to the table that will help you reach your publishing goals. One thing we have in common: the desire to see every passionate indie author earn success!

Want to know more about us Duolit gals? Well, Toni (the geek):

  • Holds degrees in both advertising and information technology from Florida State University.
  • Has 10+ years of professional experience in web and graphic design as well as IT/server administration for a national corporation, state agency and a boutique marketing firm.
  • Enjoys quilting, photography and all things Discovery Channel.
  • Lives in St. Augustine, FL with her husband, two dogs and a new baby girl!

And I (Shannon, the author):

  • Hold degrees in both public relations and sports administration from Florida State University.
  • Have 10+ years of professional experience in marketing and project management for a national corporation, major collegiate athletics department and a boutique marketing firm.
  • Enjoy writing, music and all things FSU Seminoles.
  • Live in St. Augustine, FL with my family, including a loveable-but-crazy dog named Bucky.

2013 marks 21 years of friendship for your Duolit team!