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Praise for Team Duolit

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Praise and Testimonials

Below are some of the very kind words our indie author and self-pub blogger friends have shared about us. Want to add yours? Just send us an email!


You have given me a steady and true direction on my path to self-publishing, self promoting, and making time for the rest of life.  You have been the motivators, the fans on the side line cheering me on, the accountability partners that remind me to keep my eye on my goal as an author.   Thank you for for the service you do for the independent authors out there.  You are an invaluable resource!


Duolit is both the self-publisher’s friendly technical guide and cheerleading team. Shannon and Toni’s upbeat attitude, helpful, straightforward advice and vast experience makes them the perfect partnership for the self-published author. And I love their site—it cheers me up every time I visit!

Catherine Ryan Howardself-publishing superstar

I’m trying to think of words that describe the two gals who are Duolit, and these are the ones that come to mind: down-to-earth, authentic, funny, and caring. Toni and Shannon are two insanely awesome people who deliver easy-to-use marketing tips in a fun and engaging way.


Duolit is the real deal! We’ve found Duolit is one of the best resources for writers, bloggers, and published authors. We recommend their site almost daily. Their advice for writers is honest and insightful. From their content to their tutorials, you’ll find their guidance invaluable. You won’t find a better team to help writers through the process of writing, publishing, and marketing!


I don’t mean this to sound cliché, but without the fantastic marketing advice from Duolit, I’m not sure I’d be where I am right now. I’ve learned more from Duolit’s blogs and newsletters than I have from any book on marketing or publishing, and there are some great books out there, that’s for sure. An essential resource for authors new or experienced.


A lot of the advice I read on [book marketing] seems very fake, all about building numbers on social media profiles instead of connecting with readers, which is why I like the advice…from Duolit.


As a writer who has been traditionally published, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started following Duolit. At best, I thought it would be another pablum-type of blog where the information is processed, puréed, and homogenized – nothing distinguishable. I. Was. Wrong. Way, way wrong. I found myself reading and re-reading chunks of information that were usable and seemed to have been written by actual people working in the industry, not just another virtual self-pubbing ‘goo-roo.’ You answered my questions. You taught me things I didn’t know – good, practical, practice-able things…thank you, Duolit. You guys rock.


Toni and Shannon understand that this industry is in flux right now. Everything is fluid and changing almost daily. What might have worked yesterday may not tomorrow. They are on top of the changing landscape and I expect they will strive to stay there.

Prudence MacLeodAuthor of Hunted

You guys have put a fire under me. I have big dreams, so big I sometimes fear that they’re impossible, but already with a little tweaking from your suggestions my marketing campaign has produced results. I want to take on the world…and the things you guys teach me will help get me there.


Duolit has been an amazing resource…It’s one of the few resources out there for us indie authors that focuses on building an audience authentically vs. some of the “build numbers quickly” approaches out there that are becoming less credible as time goes on. My fiction is a series that’s built for long-term success, not a flash in the pan sales spike, and Duolit has given me the tools I need to make that happen.


In a world that’s chaotic with info, it can be difficult to find content that’s worth your time. There are many websites and blogs that I love, but I show extra passion toward those that provide an eclectic range of sweet-ass tales. Duolit fits this bill!


If you’re looking for high energy, low stress, expert assistance with your indie publishing project, check out Duolit. These gals will help you take your game to the next level.


Ready to publish? The creative team at Duolit rocks! Professional, detailed, and responsive, Shannon and Toni will format and polish your manuscript ’til it shines. Need blogging ideas, great writing tips, and cutting-edge publicity techniques, too? Next stop:  Duolit.