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Guest Post Submission & Guidelines

Note: we are currently accepting guest posts by invitation-only. If you have an idea or post you think is mega-awesome, however, we’d be glad to read it, but cannot give any guarantee of acceptance. Use the form below to submit your completed post, or your idea PLUS three links to other blog posts you’ve written, so we can get a feel for your writing style!

Are you ready to be a guest post rockstar? We’d love to have you! Here’s the thing, though: Shannon and I are a little neurotic, and, as such, there are a few guidelines we’d like you to follow:

Be relevant.

Anything in the self-publishing sphere is fair game. We love writing tips, printer reviews, editing guidelines, publishing hacks, design tricks and marketing ideas. Check out our archives to read what we’ve covered in the past.

Be experienced.

We love hearing from posters who have “been there, done that.” We only accept guest posts from writers, authors and others with experience in the publishing game! If you’re looking to link to a blog, website or service that is not your own or not related to what we do, we’ll sadly reject your post.

Be persuasive.

We love what we call actionable posts — posts that provide tips, tricks, experiences or a points of view that compel authors to think and act. Be sure your post has a point!

Be a blogger.

Writing for the web is totally different from creative writing. Before writing your post, visit sites that specialize in writing effective blog posts and do some digging around.

Use short paragraphs, headlines, lists, links, quotes and photos to break up your post.

Sorry to say, but if it’s not written like a blog post, we will either send your post back to you for revisions or take a pass on it.

Be short — or long.

We don’t have word count guidelines — as the saying goes, make your post as long as it needs to be (to convey your message), and no longer. There are brilliant 500-word posts and epic 2000-word posts. Most of ours fall somewhere in the middle.

Be careful.

Before submitting a post, please do all of the following: read it over, edit it, use spell check, read it out loud, and edit it again. We’ll know if you skipped this step!

Be unique.

Please do not submit a post that has been published elsewhere. Your post should be written specifically for Duolit readers!

Be kooky.

We’re conversational, action-oriented, fun and a little bit kooky. Your post should fit in with our style!

In our opinion, the worst thing a blog post can be is boring!

Be respectful.

We set our editorial calendar at least a month in advance and publish posts on Wednesday and Friday (when guest posts generally run). Please do not request for your post to run on a certain day/week unless it is at least a month from your submission. If we have an opening, we might be able to get you in sooner, but it is at our discretion.

Following the guidelines above proves to us you’re serious about being a guest post rockstar!

They’re not meant to be exclusive or harsh, but to make sure the guest posting experience is as effective as possible (for both of us)! If you have any questions about anything above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Submit Your Post/Idea

We don’t accept every post we receive, so use the form below to submit your post or idea (to see if we’d be interested in a particular type of post). If you’re submitting an idea, please include samples of other posts you’ve written so we can get a feel for your style.

If you’d like to include photos or other supplemental material that can’t be uploaded below, send your post/idea to [email protected].

Please make sure all info above is correct -- your e-mail address, in particular. It's the only way we have to get in touch with you!