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How to Connect With More Readers in Just 5 Minutes

I was beyond thrilled when the fabulous Jane Friedman said “yes!” to my writing a guest post for her readers. I know everyone wants quick promotion tips, and this is one I think will really help you out. Be sure to click through to Jane’s website to read the rest!

Photo: James Cridland | FlickrLife with a toddler is frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also inspiring, hilarious and surprising. But it is, very often, incredibly trying.

I’m convinced, however, that these times are just as frustrating for my daughter as they are for me. Our biggest issue is the communication gap; while she can understand the vast majority of what I’m saying, she isn’t yet able to express what she needs verbally (using words that I can understand, anyway).

As a result, I’m often left guessing at what she wants. Strawberries instead of broccoli? Blocks instead of dolls? Swinging instead of reading?

Not to sound all cliché, but I feel like I’m throwing everything I have at the wall, simply trying to see what sticks.

Which is an apt metaphor considering that I have, more than once, ended up with actual food on my wall (it all easily wiped clean, thankfully).

Book marketing feels much the same way.

You’re plugging away, day after day, trying to build the fanbase you know your work deserves, but it’s not going the way you’d pictured when you started out. It’s like you’ve tried everything under the sun (including blogging, tweeting and participating in promotion after promotion) but you can’t find passionate readers for your work.

It’s not that your book isn’t any good (you and your editor spent tons of time making sure it is) and it’s not that readers are uninterested in your genre (your author friends are selling books by the truckload).

No, perhaps the problem is that your message simply isn’t connecting with your readers on a personal level. Your tweets, blogs, and emails aren’t convincing them to check out your work.

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