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3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Crazy-Dedicated Readers’ Favorite Hangouts

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Zelda | Photo: negativeworld.orgWere you a fan of  The Legend of Zelda as a child?

My brother first introduced me to the game (the original version for Nintendo, what what) when I was 7 and I couldn’t get enough of cute little Link and the ever-elusive Princess Zelda.

One of my favorite parts of the game was figuring out where to go next. 

You see, in Zelda, there are two worlds: the regular world and dungeons. In the regular world, you had an ever-present map with a little pointer telling you where to go (handy). In dungeons, however, you had to find the map.

And upon finding that map-holding treasure chest, you knew your life would get a little bit easier.

Don’t you wish you had a Zelda-like map pointing to your readers?

It would make things easier, for sure.

I get it: you know who your readers are, but aren’t sure where best to reach them.

Finding readers is tricky business, and for good reason: they could be hiding anywhere (except, perhaps, behind that old pile of MMC VHS tapes from the early 90’s).

Seriously, though, there’s Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, book clubs and hundreds of other potential reader locales — it’s overwhelming. You don’t want to waste your time and energy hunting aimlessly through a readerless dungeon.

So, where can you find those crazy-dedicated fans? To find out, follow these three easy steps:

1. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

I hope you created your reader profile last week, because it’s essential to figuring out your readers’ hangouts. If you haven’t made one up, do that first and then come back here.

Next, read over your reader profile. Imagine life through his (or her) eyes.

Take yourself through a typical day in your reader’s life. How do they spend their downtime? Where do they hang out?

Use the list below to guide you. Make a note of locations your reader frequents and fill in specific details where appropriate.

  • Blogs:
    • Which ones does he read? Use Alltop or Technorati to find leading blogs on a variety of topics. Think about your reader’s hobbies or interests!
  • Twitter:
    • Who does he follow? Okay, but who does she *really* follow? Whose updates does she eagerly await and which does she ignore?
    • How and when does he access Twitter? On his phone, computer, tablet? At home or during work?
  • Facebook:
    • How does she use it? Just to connect with friends, family and coworkers or also to follow her favorite people or products?
  • Other Social Media:
    • Does he use GoodReads, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media sites?
  • Web Communities:
    • Don’t forget about other web hangouts: does your reader frequent any forums, fan clubs, or professional/hobby associations online?
  • Offline:
    • Where does she hang out offline? Book Club? Moms group? Alumni gathering? Service league? School? Political groups? Newspaper? Place of worship?

2. Choose your top 5 reader hangout locations.

Now that you’ve figured out your reader’s hangouts, let’s make things a bit easier by narrowing down the list you made. You see, some hangouts will be better for finding those potential readers than others.

What makes a hangout awesome? Score each spot on a 1-5 scale based on:

  • Is this a place your reader would look for new authors?
  • Does your reader see this place as authoritative or trendsetting?
  • Are others in this place similar to your reader?
  • Is this a spot in which your reader is highly engaged (can’t want to visit it/devotes her total attention while there)?
  • Would this be a spot in which you could fit in (by offering insight or camaraderie)?

In addition, keep in mind how your unique reader chooses books; they might be more willing to take recommendations from a fellow Miranda Lambert fan (since that interest is media-related) versus a fellow lover of Italian cooking.

3. Go forth and earn new fans!

The top 5 hangout spots above are targeted locations in which you can engage new fans.

Remember: you want to be genuine! Find some common ground with your reader. Don’t go hanging out in Coldplay forums simply because there’s an audience there.

Only choose places in which you can offer something of value — be that ranting about the ending of The Killing or discussing Oprah’s newest 2.0 book club pick. Don’t endlessly shill for your book! Remember: people listen to others who listen to them.

When the time is right, gently promote your work. Your new friends will listen!

Talk Back

Where do your fans spend their free time? Are there any unusual places where you’ve found your readers hanging out?

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  • I think you’re spot-on with the idea of hanging out where they do, especially hobby sites. The trouble I have is finding time to do more than one – the one I started in. But then I hear a lot of indie authors like me realising that in order to promote we can’t find time to write. Time management skills… wouldnt they be nice!

    • That’s a totally valid concern, Jemima. You want to be sure that the time you’re spending hanging out with them is worthwhile — but, even if it is, if you can’t find time to write, what good are all those readers? Like you said, many indies share that same frustration (and we’re working towards finding a solution…more deets on that soon)! I’m curious, though, what types of hobby sites did you find worked well for you?

  • You’re awesome. Always providing great info for us indies! Thank you so much. What’s with the stars thing? it went crazy and when I tried to make it go up, it went down! to -10 stars! NUTZO, It should be POSITIVE, not negative.

    • Awwww *blush* thank you, Sandra! Not sure what’s going on with the stars — we use a third party commenting plugin (Disqus) that just released a new version, so it could have something to do with that. At any rate, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post (and that you weren’t trying to give me negative stars ;-))!

  • Vivette

    I think this is a great step-by-step break-down on how to approach choosing the most relevant channels to focus on for your marketing plan. Also love the Zelda reference :)