Book Marketing Project: Create a Mailing List Freebie and Write Your Welcome Email


Imagine you’re back in grade school, sitting at your desk and coloring away happily (those were the days, right?) Try to remember: Did you prefer starting with a blank sheet of paper or a coloring book page? I don’t know about you, but I was always more comfortable with that coloring book page — I [...]

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5 Steps for Restarting Your Book Marketing Efforts After a Break


“Break’s over.” – Jed Bartlet, The West Wing Life loves to throw curveballs. As soon as you’re feeling good about how things are moving — WHAM! — something comes along to knock you back. If you’re part of our mailing list, you’ve read about the personal curveballs Shannon and I were thrown this summer, but [...]

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How to Launch A Book In 3 Steps


The following is a guest post from Nick Thacker. While any kind of launch – whether the launch of a book, a product, or something else entirely – usually involves many steps and lots of pieces, it can also be distilled down into its core components. I’ve launched a few things over the past two [...]

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4 Steps to Take Charge of Your Book Launch


Duolit’s rock star (guest posting) road tour is rolling on, with a stop at the Book Marketing Maven!  I made a huge mistake with my first book. I got caught up in the excitement of finally finishing my manuscript that I rushed straight through to the publishing part, ready to share my book with the [...]

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How to Connect With More Readers in Just 5 Minutes


I was beyond thrilled when the fabulous Jane Friedman said “yes!” to my writing a guest post for her readers. I know everyone wants quick promotion tips, and this is one I think will really help you out. Be sure to click through to Jane’s website to read the rest! Life with a toddler is [...]

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