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Book Cover FAIL: Packing on the Pounds

This post is the first in a series about avoiding the paths that cause book cover failure. Just like overeating will pack on the pounds, stuffing too much onto your book cover will lead to certain cover FAIL. Let’s explore this particular phenomenon and learn how to whip your cover back into shape (and it […]

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Book Cover FAIL: Achieving It and Avoiding It


I’m going to make a promise to you. Right here, right now. Are you ready? Good. I will not, repeat — I will NOT mention the cliche “…judge a book by its cover” again in this whole, entire series. In fact, this is all I’d like to say on the subject of the covers and […]

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Stephen Tiano [Self-Publishing Interview Series]


When we originally posted our call for self-published authors for our series, we never thought we’d hear from someone like Stephen Tiano. Stephen isn’t a self-published author, but an experienced book designer who has vast experience in the industry and truly loves his craft. While we didn’t necessarily set out looking to interview a book […]

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Writing and Self-Publishing Links of the Week: April 30

By:bornazombieHappy Friday, everyone! Back with another collection of thoughtful, educational and inspiring links for the week, all collected through our @duolit Twitter account. To receive more helpful links, tips, tricks and announcements, follow us! Now, on to the list: Social Media and Marketing 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase by @MariSmith3 via @bookmarketer […]

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Write What You Know: Using YouTube, Wikipedia and Google Earth for Writing Research

There is an old adage for writers that simply states, “write what you know.” Great, you think to yourself, let me take a quick catalogue of what I know: Lyrics to every popular 90’s song imaginable. How to re-start my cable box when HGTV goes out. What it’s like to live a very normal, boring […]

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