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Writing Workspaces: I Think I Need A Pillow


About 2 o’clock on Monday, my butt started aching. Too much information, I know, but it quite startled me. You see, I work from home, and spend about eight hours a day sitting on that aforementioned butt. I need it to be comfy. I immediately began searching for the culprit of this aching. Was I sitting […]

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Simon Cheshire [Self-Publishing Interview Series]


Welcome to the first interview in our series of talks with self-published authors and those involved in the self-publishing process. We hope that sharing the opinions and perspectives of others will benefit us all, not only by better understanding the self-publishing process itself, but also by becoming better acquainted with folks going through the same […]

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Self-Publishing and Writing Links of the Week: April 23

By:OzymanWhile keeping up with @duolit’s Twitter account, I run across a ton of helpful stories and articles every week. While I do RT a good deal of them, that’s not really helpful to the writers out there not yet using Twitter nor to the many others who don’t spend every waking moment monitoring the service. […]

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Five Tips for Writing a Stellar Press Release

You would think, as writers, that we would be perfectly gifted for writing top-notch press releases. It’s what we do for a hobby, a career or a passion. It’s our talent. But in my experience, being writer has been a handicap when it comes to creating press releases. The problem is, most writers (including me) […]

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Fire your Book Designer! (or, 7 Steps To Make Your Self-Published Book Look Professional)

By:SOCIALisBETTERNo, I’m just kidding. Please don’t fire your book designer (if you have one). They are amazing people who know exactly what to do to make your book belong on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Surprisingly enough, however, they charge for this service. The audacity! [AN: That’s sarcasm, dear readers] As such, we understand it’s […]

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