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Don’t Let Grammar Get You : Resources & Tips

While recently editing a client’s work, I came across the following blunder: “Diana has a huge heart. She’s a very kind and genital person.” Oh boy…A mistake like that is why you should not EVER trust the a computer spell checker to effectively edit your work. Spell check won’t catch an error like that, because […]

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Using Twitter Effectively (or, Don’t Tweet Like Nicholas Sparks)

How Aspiring Authors Should Use Twitter – And How They Shouldn’t By:Shovelling SonTwitter can be a powerful tool for aspiring authors, no matter their genre. It gives them the chance to reach out to their current fans, add new ones, and build a community in a way that was impossible (without major marketing bucks) just […]

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Brilliance in 6 Sentences: Is Flash Fiction for You?

By:virtue_fernEven though I don’t do a lot of creative writing (that’s Shannon’s domain — except for that X-Files Fan Fiction from when I was eleven), I still like to be on the lookout for writing resources to spark creativity and force me to think outside the box. I’m a designer by trade (and nature), but it’s […]

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Character-Centered Book Covers: Why So Few?


First off, I’d just like to say that I was ridiculously excited to write this post. From the moment we conceived Character Cavalcade Week, I decided I was going to write a post on the 10 best book covers featuring characters. Right up my alley! Finding good design gives me a thrill, and I knew […]

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Easily Create New Characters with Our Character Generators!

Fireworks in celebration of our first character generator!

Just want to use the character generator? Click here to go to the YA (Young Adult) Character Generator or click here to go to the Mystery/Thriller Character Generator! As Shannon mentioned in her previous Character Cavalcade Week posts, we have a very special announcement to make in honor of this week’s celebration of characters. She couldn’t […]

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