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Show Some Character: A Super-Simple Character Glossary

This morning, you woke up thinking this was just another Monday. You. Were. Wrong. Today is not only Monday, March 1, 2010, official birthday of one of TV’s all-time greatest sitcom characters, Zack Morris (a.k.a. Mark Paul-Gosselaar), it is the first official day of Duolit’s very special Character Cavalcade Week! We are so crazy about […]

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Branding: Not just for Nike and McDonalds

How to stand on over shelves of books

Branding will help you sell more books. I’m usually not the kind of blogger who makes a big statement like that, but there it is. Why do I feel like I can make it? It’s simple: If people know your name, they’re more likely to buy your books. Think about it – it sounds like […]

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Character Name Creation: What’s Your Process?

We’re all familiar with the Romeo & Juliet line: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” While it may be true that roses would still be beautiful in sight and smell no matter what we called them, I’m not sure how many would get […]

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Publishing Industry = Dinosaur. You = Gazelle.

Photo: Nojhan | Flickr

Did dinosaurs and gazelles even exist at the same time? [Note: Turns out they did . Thanks Wikipedia.] The Tortoise and The Hare…Sort Of Picture a dinosaur and a gazelle, all decked out in their matching tracksuits for a footrace. Which would reach the finish line first? The hulking dinosaur (in his snazzy Juicy Couture pink-and-black getup) […]

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15 WordPress Tips & 5 Resources for Newbies

Skater doing a tip, representing these awesome Wordpress tips and tricks for non-geeks and newbies.

First thing’s first: if you’ve been working with WordPress for years, these tips aren’t for you and aren’t meant to be. As we’ve been using WordPress more and more to set up websites for clients, however, I thought it was important to bring to light a few tips, tricks, and ideas that most basic tutorials […]

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