5 Book Promotions That Work

rock star van

That rock-n-roll music you hear is blasting from our (figurative) tour bus as Toni and I are currently flying down the Information Super Highway (a.k.a. the World Wide Web) on a mini-tour to visit some of our favorite blogs. But we don’t want you (our home crowd) to miss out on all the fun! So [...]

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Is Your “Survivor” Mentality Dragging Down Book Sales?


When Survivor premiered, it changed television forever. After the crazypants finale of the first season, in which a perma-naked Richard Hatch prevailed over…whoever that other girl was (honestly, I remember Sue’s vitriolic speech about rats and snakes but not the runner-up it was directed at), America wanted more. More backstabbing, more angry speeches, more shady gameplay tactics — with the [...]

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Book Promotion


Hello, my name is Shannon… Hello Shannon! …and I am a Pinterest addict. I see we’ve got a crowded meeting tonight — it’s lovely to meet everyone. If you’re like me, large chunks of you day just disappear every time you log-in to Pinterest, right? It’s okay — admitting you have a problem is the [...]

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Pinterest: The Ultimate Writing Resource

character pinterest board

Be honest… How much time do you spend on Pinterest every day? Don’t tell me minutes — I said be honest. We’re talking hours here, right? I confess to spending an obnoxious amount of time on my phone, computer, Kindle — any internet-connected device really — cruising my favorite categories and boards. So much so, [...]

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25 Tweet Ideas To Help Authors Fight Follower Fatigue


I’ve developed a dangerous addiction. There’s a local ice cream place that has stolen my heart. It’s called Cold Cow, and those magical folks give you a RIDICULOUS amount of the creamy, delicious treat for startlingly low prices. For just $4, I get a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream piled high with cookie dough [...]

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